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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rescue Dawn

Mission:     Rescue
Teams:       3
Map Size:   Large Scale

Mission Briefing:  An Apache Attack Helicopter patrolling the Afghan Borders was shot down at 1700 hours.  Last transmission states they are just around the Hindu Kush Mountains with a small arms group hot on their tail.  They have lost all means of communication and we are unsure if they were killed in action.  Nevertheless, U.S. Ranger Gen. Wilbur O. Darby ordered a covert ops rescue mission and scrambled the Chinooks.  The media is unaware of this incident, let’s keep it that way.

Your mission is to locate the downed helicopter and plant a satchel charge then proceed with the rescue mission and go to the extraction point.  British Special Forces provided us with intel on possible outpost locations where our men could be held captive.  Your insertion point is just at the outskirts of the crash site.  Leave no man behind.

Gameplay:  The game master will assign a crash site, an outpost, and an extraction point.  The game starts with the pilot and co-pilot still battle effective with their pistols and/or SMGs and quickly encounters the Mujahideen.  A hit by the pilot and co-pilot means enemy killed and out of the game.  The pilot and co-pilot being hit means they are injured and captured.  If they get hit, they are to stay in that position until the terrorist group picks them up and takes them to the outpost.  Just a few minutes after the game starts, the game master launches the rescue mission.  So, depending on how good the pilot and co-pilot are, the game can end without them even reaching the outpost where it would be difficult for rescue.  Mission failed for the rescue team means running out of time or getting wiped out.

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