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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Marine Shooting Gallery

Mission:    Eliminate Targets
Teams:      2
Map Size:  Large Scale

Mission Briefing:  US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) is looking for new recruits and turns its attention to The Marine Corps Scout Snipers.  They will be conducting a field training exercise were in marksmanship is put to the test.

Your objective is to eliminate all targets strategically positioned across the field as fast and as accurately as possible.  It's up to you whether you take out targets one at a time or divide the team and conduct a simultaneous attack.

Gameplay:  The game master will provide 6 to 8 targets (or more depending on set game time) strategically positioned across the field.  Targets can either be styro cups or paper targets (anything that will show a clear hit).  The targets are then guarded by the opposing team.  It is suggested that you leave one target heavily guarded.  Guards with targets eliminated can fallback to other key positions.  A win for the Scout Snipers means all targets eliminated and/or taking out all the guards.  A win for the guards means all snipers KIA and at least one target intact.  Assign marshals for target hit confirmation.


  1. so good
    thank you for your a hard work...

  2. very nice! we'll try this one.. thanks!


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