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Friday, March 18, 2011

The Economist

Mission:       Package Retrieval        
Teams:         3
Map Size:     Medium to Large Scale

Mission Briefing:  A convoy containing civilians and private military contractors was hit in Al Anbar during one of the “Rebuild Iraq” campaigns.  Unfortunately, all were killed in the incident and a briefcase containing vital information was stolen.  As a result, the company CEO contacted the armed forces for a retrieval mission.  Your mission is to locate and retrieve the briefcase, eliminate all hostile units in the area, and proceed to the LZ.

Incidentally, being the economist that he is, the CEO conducted a black ops and hired mercenaries for the same mission.  The mercs will only be paid if and only if they retrieve the package.  In addition, they are unaware of the military presence in the area so to them all are hostiles.

Gameplay:  The game master will assign a bunker for the terrorist group, a drop zone for the mercs, and a drop zone and extraction point for the rangers.  Terrorist objectives are to protect the package and annihilate all intruders.  The ranger objectives are to retrieve the briefcase, eliminate all combatants, and proceed to the extraction point.  The mercs have two options; proceed with the mission, hit the bunker, and retrieve the package or do an overwatch of the bunker, wait until the suitcase is retrieved and ambush the fleeing rangers.

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