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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Al Qaeda Candidate

Mission:    Assassination
Teams:      3
Map Size: Medium to Large Scale

Mission Briefing:  Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, an Al-Qaeda-linked Sunni jihadist organization traditionally based in Pakistan's Punjab province, is planning to branch out into at least four terrorist subgroups.  Establishing relationships with the largest militant group in Afghanistan, one of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi's new terrorist subgroup will take control of a key position in Afghanistan's Daikondi province that will be led by an Al-Qaeda general, the name of which is as yet unknown.  According to intel, a convoy just arrived in Daikondi today at 1300H and we have reason to believe that the SOB that will lead the terrorist subgroup is amongst them.

Your mission is to take out an outpost just outside Daikondi and obtain the manifesto where the general's profile is likely to be attached.  Radio in all gathered intel and wait for verification and further instructions.

Gameplay:  The game master will assign three airsoft teams; one for the terrorist main group, one for the airsoft delta team, and one group for the outpost (smallest group of the three).  Here is the crucial part, only the game master and the airsoft team at the outpost knows who the general is; even the general does not know he is the VIP.  This is to increase the level of difficulty of the game.  The game master will choose amongst the airsofters at the main group to be the general and disclose this information to the outpost team.  The outpost team's role is to guard the information.  Depending on how well they play, the main group may not even get to play; that is also why they will be the smallest team.  These airsofters play a key role in this scenario.  If they get overrun by the delta team, the delta team gets advantage of knowing who to assassinate without the main group knowing who to protect (Intel will only be disclosed to the delta team if all guards at the outpost is KIA).  VIP KIA, game over, delta team wins.  If the outpost team is down to 25% players, only then can they fallback to the main group and disclose who the VIP is, that is if they reach the base alive.  This will be an advantage for the main group as the delta team will be guessing who the VIP is, and obviously the main group can protect the VIP.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mogadishu Runner

Mission:     Retaliate
Teams:       2
Map Size:  Medium Scale

Mission Briefing:  You are British SAS strike team Panther captured in Mogadishu after being compromised in a three-day reconnaissance mission.  You have been held captive in a prison camp in Banadir, exact location unknown.  After a 14-hour lockdown, your team managed to escape and is now headed to a remote military outpost.

Your objective is to evade enemy troops hot on your trail, reach the military outpost, regroup, and regain the intel taken at the prison camp.  You must eliminate all hostile forces and secure the package.  This is a high priority mission, failure is not an option.

Gameplay:  The game master will assign an escape route leading to an outpost where the SAS team can load out.  The game starts with the escape; the SAS team will be unarmed and unable to return fire.  They must be swift to reach the outpost before the whole team gets wiped out.  Run soldier!  (Assign gunners at the outpost to protect the escaping SAS).  Upon reaching the outpost, they must quickly arm themselves and formulate a counter attack to retrieve the lost intel.  The opposing team on the other hand can either concentrate on the chase or wait for the retaliating SAS team.  So this can either be a castle siege on the outpost or a siege on the prison camp, you choose.  Mission success for the SAS team means retrieving the intel.  Mission success for the opposing team means all SAS members KIA.

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