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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Marine Shooting Gallery

Mission:    Eliminate Targets
Teams:      2
Map Size:  Large Scale

Mission Briefing:  US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) is looking for new recruits and turns its attention to The Marine Corps Scout Snipers.  They will be conducting a field training exercise were in marksmanship is put to the test.

Your objective is to eliminate all targets strategically positioned across the field as fast and as accurately as possible.  It's up to you whether you take out targets one at a time or divide the team and conduct a simultaneous attack.

Gameplay:  The game master will provide 6 to 8 targets (or more depending on set game time) strategically positioned across the field.  Targets can either be styro cups or paper targets (anything that will show a clear hit).  The targets are then guarded by the opposing team.  It is suggested that you leave one target heavily guarded.  Guards with targets eliminated can fallback to other key positions.  A win for the Scout Snipers means all targets eliminated and/or taking out all the guards.  A win for the guards means all snipers KIA and at least one target intact.  Assign marshals for target hit confirmation.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rescue Dawn

Mission:     Rescue
Teams:       3
Map Size:   Large Scale

Mission Briefing:  An Apache Attack Helicopter patrolling the Afghan Borders was shot down at 1700 hours.  Last transmission states they are just around the Hindu Kush Mountains with a small arms group hot on their tail.  They have lost all means of communication and we are unsure if they were killed in action.  Nevertheless, U.S. Ranger Gen. Wilbur O. Darby ordered a covert ops rescue mission and scrambled the Chinooks.  The media is unaware of this incident, let’s keep it that way.

Your mission is to locate the downed helicopter and plant a satchel charge then proceed with the rescue mission and go to the extraction point.  British Special Forces provided us with intel on possible outpost locations where our men could be held captive.  Your insertion point is just at the outskirts of the crash site.  Leave no man behind.

Gameplay:  The game master will assign a crash site, an outpost, and an extraction point.  The game starts with the pilot and co-pilot still battle effective with their pistols and/or SMGs and quickly encounters the Mujahideen.  A hit by the pilot and co-pilot means enemy killed and out of the game.  The pilot and co-pilot being hit means they are injured and captured.  If they get hit, they are to stay in that position until the terrorist group picks them up and takes them to the outpost.  Just a few minutes after the game starts, the game master launches the rescue mission.  So, depending on how good the pilot and co-pilot are, the game can end without them even reaching the outpost where it would be difficult for rescue.  Mission failed for the rescue team means running out of time or getting wiped out.

Danger Close

Mission:    Destroy Target
Teams:      2
Map Size:  Medium to Large Scale

Mission Briefing:  C130 Gunship Hercules is low on fuel and is RTB after completing its mission in Bagram.  Sniper team call sign “Hubble” radios in positive ID on AA gun positioned 20 clicks on direct path of Hercules.  Additional intel states civilian village just below the AA gun bunker and friendly forces within 600 meters of the target, no go for artillery support.  This is a danger close situation requiring Laser Target Designator (LTD).

Your mission is to locate the AA gun bunker and paint the target with LTD before Hercules makes its final turn.  The area is crawling with hostiles and enemy patrol is Oscar Mike (OM) to your position.  Hubble is on overwatch and will confirm if target is destroyed.  Hoorah!

Gameplay:  The game master will be Hubble and will declare mission success or mission failed.  You will need something that will scatter the laser to serve as the target for better visual like a prism, mirror, or glass.  You will need this because the game master will time 60 seconds of laser painting so he needs to see the laser hitting the target.  Only one laser will be counted; if the player painting the target gets hit, only then can a teammate paint the target again and the time is reset.  It is on the terrorists’ team leader’s hands to formulate a strategy on how to strengthen their perimeter.  Position your men wisely.  Suggested game time is 20 to 30 minutes.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Economist

Mission:       Package Retrieval        
Teams:         3
Map Size:     Medium to Large Scale

Mission Briefing:  A convoy containing civilians and private military contractors was hit in Al Anbar during one of the “Rebuild Iraq” campaigns.  Unfortunately, all were killed in the incident and a briefcase containing vital information was stolen.  As a result, the company CEO contacted the armed forces for a retrieval mission.  Your mission is to locate and retrieve the briefcase, eliminate all hostile units in the area, and proceed to the LZ.

Incidentally, being the economist that he is, the CEO conducted a black ops and hired mercenaries for the same mission.  The mercs will only be paid if and only if they retrieve the package.  In addition, they are unaware of the military presence in the area so to them all are hostiles.

Gameplay:  The game master will assign a bunker for the terrorist group, a drop zone for the mercs, and a drop zone and extraction point for the rangers.  Terrorist objectives are to protect the package and annihilate all intruders.  The ranger objectives are to retrieve the briefcase, eliminate all combatants, and proceed to the extraction point.  The mercs have two options; proceed with the mission, hit the bunker, and retrieve the package or do an overwatch of the bunker, wait until the suitcase is retrieved and ambush the fleeing rangers.

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