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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sniper Alley

Mission:    Clean Sweep
Teams:      2
Map Size: Medium

Mission Briefing:  Bravo 2-0 convoy is headed to Kerman Province, Iran to establish a fire base as the tension rises between peacekeeping forces and the local jihadists.  Halfway through, the convoy is pinned down by multiple snipers protected by the cover of a civilian village called the "sniper's alley."  Your mission is to locate each sniper's nest and clear the way for the convoy with zero civilian casualties.  You are special forces on a low profile mission.

Gameplay:  Not all airsoft players will get the chance to play the special forces as this will only be a six-man team and is designed to be outnumbered by snipers.  The game master will assign pairs of snipers to be placed in two rows at key positions.  These locations are given out to the special forces team.  It's like your typical airsoft castle siege scenario but with multiple bunkers (nests) and only two players per nest, and the snipers are not allowed to leave their post.  Each nest will be covered by one another adding to the difficulty of each assault.  Obviously, the special forces team's mission is to take out each nest until all enemy threats are eliminated.

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